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30-Minute Lymphatic Masterclass

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Exploring Movement For A Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.

Most exercise programs focus mainly on weight loss and muscle gain.

But did you know that MOVEMENT is also a key component of lymphatic health and detox?

The lymph system is actually a vital (and very overlooked) pathway for detoxification, it is the unsung hero of this effort, constantly moving toxins out of your tissues and removing them from your cells…it truly is the key to your body’s immunity and energy.

In the HEED+ program discover:

How to re-connect with nature to strengthen your immune system
Solutions to minimize the toxins present around you, and improve your general well being
How to create a safer home and improve your quality of life
The secret ingredient for a youthful and glowing skin at any age
The fresh, natural and live food that will promote vibrant health
An amazing diet secret – very uncommon to other diets – and it doesn’t even include restricted food groups
The best ways you can support your body’s natural detox processes, to get rid of the toxins and feel energized
How to keep your fluids stores high and active
How to get back your night sleep and gain in productivity
How to bring physical movement in day-to-day life, and generate movement in your body
How to embrace stress positively and use it to overcome any challenges
How to feel strong, confident and brimming with self-esteem
How to rebuild strong and healthy relationships
How to boost your happiness and thrive
How to be empowered to reclaim your health
How to  make base-level habits and routines become effortless
How challenges can shape your life and lift you up
How to make balance your guiding light to enjoy your life and live in vibrant health

Here's What You Get

In the Full HEED+ Program

Here is a day-by-day outline:

  • Why is nature important for your wellbeing?
  • The unexpected science-backed benefits of getting outdoors
  • Back to nature, where do you start?
  • 6 insights to make nature part of your routine, even in an urban area
  • Keeping it simple – so it’s fun and effortless
  • How I reintroduced nature in my life and what I earned from it
  • What is IAQ and why is it important for your health?
  • The main sources of pollutant you can mitigate
  • 3 insights to keep your room (office, home, etc) safe that will have a big impact on your productivity
  • Ventilating in winter – for heat loss plus environmental issues?
  • The sad truth behind the tech devices you use daily and what you can do about it for your health.
  • My healthy habits to keep my environment as clean as possible
  • What are the criteria for a healthy home?
  • The one mistake we make by wanting to keep our house “clean”, that can have a major impact on your health.
  • 2 simple insights to prevent harm from cleaning
  • No more hide and seek – summary of the hidden sources of pollution
  • The science-backed benefits of indoor plants
  • The 5 best indoor plants to refresh your home – low maintenance
  • My easy-care plant guide
  • How your skin speaks about your overall health
  • The worst skin offenders present in your skincare products you should absolutely avoid
  • 10 insights to take good care of your skin
  • The panacea against skin damage and premature aging
  • My personal skin routine
  • How to really know what healthy eating is – between public recommendations and specialists
  • Why sometimes you can do more harm than good
  • A list of chemicals to absolutely avoid because they can be particularly harmful to your health
  • 6 insights for a healthier diet – no it’s not extreme
  • The foods you must include vs. must suppress from your diet
  • My absolute priority at every meal – bonus insights
  • How best to store fresh and live food in order to retain its nutritional qualities
  • Which diet is better for your health?
  • WARNING – ‘negative dieting’ and other ‘bad outcomes’
  • Insights on the #1 diet I recommend – it doesn’t include restrictions!
  • How to stop overeating and regain control of your life
  • Is fat really contrary to healthy?
  • What does science say about “detoxes”?
  • 8 signs your body needs to detox
  • What are the most common ways to support your body’s natural detox processes?
  • Is detoxing dangerous?
  • 2 insights for a safe and non-brutal detox
  • The foods with special powers
  • The science-backed benefits of water
  • How to know if you are properly hydrated?
  • The number one way to stay hydrated and have more energy
  • On top of that, eating water is another option
  • The amazing effects of this seed
  • My daily intake of water
  • The science of deep sleep, a pillar of health
  • The 2 processes that regulate your sleep, that can be massively disrupted
  • 4 ways to improve your sleep hygiene for optimal sleep, recovery, and productivity
  • 11 insights to help you regain your sleep, in a couple of days
  • How I organize my sleep plan
  • Exercise – it’s science-backed
  • 3 things that happen, at a biological level, in your body when you exercise
  • Why you absolutely shouldn’t only exercise for weight loss
  • How to overcome your mental barriers and get started (and actually love it!)
  • 10 insights to create movement, that don’t involve going to the gym
  • How I adapted exercises to fit my body’s need
  • What are the effects of stress on your body
  • The ups and downs of stress
  • The most common causes of chronic stress that can ruin your life
  • 2 insights to handle your stress
  • What stress did to me
  • Self-love, what it means, and what the research says
  • 13 insights to increase your self-love and feel stronger
  • How self-compassion puts you in the right direction and improves your self-love
  • Why self-care is part of your self-love
  • My self-love practices
  • Is loneliness an obstacle to happiness?
  • Why family and adopted family relationships are important for your mental health
  • The concept of “friendology”
  • 12 insights to rebuild strong relationships
  • The impact of happiness on your life
  • 2 key components of happiness
  • 7 insights to follow the pathway of happiness
  • The number one mistake you should be aware of
  • What happiness is for me
  • Why self-confidence is more important than you think
  • Confidence vs. arrogance
  • 10 insights to cultivate your confidence
  • How to be empowered to reclaim your health
  • Yin & yang : motivation & discipline
  • Understanding how to free yourself
  • 3 insights to develop your self-discipline
  • The power of interval training – not only for sport
  • The unexpected yet powerful advantages of challenges
  • The 6 challenges of life relevant for your evolution
  • The Do Something New Every Day Challenge
  • 17 insights to challenge yourself to find real improvement in your life
  • The big benefits of finding balance
  • Inner & Outer life balance
  • How to tell if you are out of balance
  • 9 insights to find balance in your life