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"I'm so glad I found Tabatha and her course, which is truly transformative! I feel a lot more balanced and confident and highly recommend you take the opportunity to sign up with Tabatha!”
Margot S.
"Tabatha is filled with passion and energy, and a purpose driven genuine desire to share her insights. Extremely well done, and worthwhile for all who can use a gentle reminder to reclaim their health."
Margie K.
"Tabatha you are doing a great job. Even though I have just started I am already loving your HEED + program! "
Julie V. I.

Exploring movement for detoxification of body, mind and spirit.
Reclaim Your Health - Every Day is Day 1 🙂

Health isn’t about perfection – it’s about commitment

There’s a BIG difference in how you show up for your own life.
When we do self-care 25% of the time, we get mixed results. 

But, when we practice self-care 80% of the time, I believe we make long-lasting changes in our health – mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Today begins a simple 18-day exploration of inspired detoxification via movement, mindset and habits.

  • Incorporate nature as part of your routine (even in an urban area)
  • Keep your home and office safe to set your productivity on fire
  • Prevent dangers to your health while cleaning
  • Take great care of your skin
  • Embrace a cleaner diet (it’s not all about wheatgrass)
  • Regain control of your life (even if you tend to overeat)
  • Detox in gentle and safe ways
  • Stay hydrated (even if you feel sluggish)
  • Sleep soundly in a couple of days
  • Move your body without stepping foot in a gym
  • Handle stress (this is vital for your vitality)
  • Honor self-compassion – your way – to boost your inner strength
  • Rebuild strong relationships (even if there’s been a riff)
  • Travel the highway to happiness
  • Cultivate your confidence
  • Sharpen your self-discipline (even if you HATE doing hard things)
  • Get comfortable with challenges (remember how your brain LOVES new things?)
  • Find work/life balance
  • What is IAQ and why is it important for your health?

Full Reclaim Your Health 18-Day Program (Start immediately, or whenever you like and follow it daily or at your own pace)

What you get:

  • Daily Audio MP3’s + PDF Transcripts (Fully downloadable so you can listen and/or read and recap at home or on the move)
  • Bonus 1: Daily Action Checklist (Great to track your progress, remember the concepts, and get organized to get maximum real-life results)
  • Bonus 2: Personal Motivational Cheat Sheet (how to speed up your progress, keep energy levels high and stay on track)
  • Bonus 3: Three Things I Did Last Winter To Boost My Metabolism (Metabolism management is really the secret to keeping weight off without giving up your favorite foods…)

PLUS: Extra Launch Bonus Added…

Here is a day-by-day outline:

  • Why is nature important for your wellbeing?
  • The unexpected science-backed benefits of getting outdoors
  • Back to nature, where do you start?
  • 6 insights to make nature part of your routine, even in an urban area
  • Keeping it simple – so it’s fun and effortless
  • How I reintroduced nature in my life and what I earned from it
  • What is IAQ and why is it important for your health?
  • The main sources of pollutant you can mitigate
  • 3 insights to keep your room (office, home,etc) safe that will have a big impact on your productivity
  • Ventilating in winter – for heat loss plus environmental issues?
  • The sad truth behind the tech device you use daily, and what you can do about it for your health.
  • My healthy habits to keep my environment as clean as possible
  • What are the criterias for a healthy home? 
  • The one mistake we make by wanting to keep our house “clean”, that has a major impact on your health
  • 2 Simple insights to prevent harm from cleaning
  • No more hide and seek – summary of the hidden sources of pollution
  • The science-backed benefits of indoor plants 
  • The 5 best indoor plants to refresh your home – low maintenance my easy-care plant guide
  • How your skin speaks about your overall health
  • The worst skin offenders present in your skincare products you should absolutely avoid
  • 10 insights to take good care of your skin
  • The panacea against skin damage and premature aging  
  • My personal skin routine
  • How to really know what is healthy eating, between public recommendations and specialists
  • Why sometimes you can do more harm than good
  • A list of chemicals to absolutely avoid because they can be particularly harmful to your health
  • 6 insights for a healthier diet – no it’s not extreme 
  • The food you should include vs. should suppress from your diet
  • How to store fresh and live food without losing properties
  • My absolute priority at every meal – bonus insights
  • Which diet is better for your health?
  • WARNING – the negative dieting and the bad outcomes
  • Insights on the #1 diet I recommend – doesn’t include restrictions! 
  • How to stop overeating and regain control of your life
  • Is fat really contrary to healthy?
  • What does science say about “detoxes”? 
  • 8 signs your body needs to detox
  • What are the most common ways to support your body’s natural detox process
  • The limits you should be aware of in detoxing
  • My 2 insights for a safe and non-brutal detox
  • The foods with special powers
  • The science-backed benefits of water 
  • How to know if you are properly hydrated? 
  • The number one  insights to stay hydrated and have more energy
  • On top of that, eating water is another option
  • The amazing effects of this seed 
  • My daily intake of water
  • The science of deep sleep, a pillar of health
  • The 2 processes that regulate your sleep, that can be massively disrupted
  • The 4 sleep hygiene improvement for optimal sleep, recovery, and productivity 
  • 11 insights to help you regain your sleep, in a couple of days
  • How I organize my sleep plan
  • Let’s talk about exercise – it’s science-backed
  • 3 things that happen in your body when you exercise
  • Why you absolutely shouldn’t only exercise for weight loss 
  • How to break your barriers and get started (and love it!)
  • 9 insights to move, that doesn’t involve going to the gym
  • How I adapted exercises to my body’s need
  • What are the effects of stress on your body 
  • The ups and downs of stress
  • The most common causes of chronic stress that can ruin your life 
  • 2 insights to handle your stress
  • What stress did to me – and what it’s doing to you!
  • Self-love, what it means, and what research says
  • 13 insights to increase your self-love and feel stronger
  • How self-compassion puts you in the right direction and improves your self-love 
  • Why self-care is part of self-love
  • My self-love practices
  • Why loneliness may be contrary to happiness 
  • Why are family relationships important for your mental health?
  • Have you ever heard about “friendology”?
  • 12 insights to rebuild strong relationships
  • The impact of happiness on your life
  • 2 key components of happiness
  • 7 insights to follow the pathway of happiness
  • The number one mistake you should be aware of
  • What is happiness for me
  • Why self-confidence is more important than you think
  • Confidence vs. Arrogance
  • My 10 insights to cultivate your confidence
  • How to be empowered to reclaim your health
  • Yin & Yang: Motivation & Discipline
  • Understanding how to free yourself 
  • 3 insights to develop your self-discipline
  • The power of interval training – not only for sport
  • The unexpected yet powerful advantages of challenges
  • The 6 challenges of life relevant for your evolution
  • “Do Something New Every Day” Challenge
  • 17 insights to challenge yourself to find real improvement in your life
  • The big benefits of finding balance
  • How to tell if you are out of balance
  • Inner & Outer life balance
  • 9 insights to find balance



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