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What Would It Be Worth To You If You Could Unclog Your Lymphatic System So That It Flows Crystal Clear, Like A Mountain Stream?

How would it feel to experience less pain and inflammation?

To have boundless energy in the morning?

To reduce that swelling and puffiness in your face and body?

To look and feel younger ?

Have you had any of these symptoms over the past 12 weeks?

Brain fog, Headaches & Migraines, Difficulty sleeping, Depression, Unexplainable fatigue, Bloating and Weight Gain, Strange aches and pains, Poor circulation, Acne, Itchy skin, Swollen ankles, Varicose veins, Allergies, Sinus congestion, Thyroid issues, Constipation, etc.

Symptoms of lymphatic congestion and toxin overload show up in MANY stealth ways.

Your lymph (unlike blood) does not have a pump that moves it into circulation.

Your lymph system relies on movement, muscle contraction, to create flow.

Lack of movement can cause the lymph to become stagnant, blocking your ability to detoxify.

Sadly, 21st century lifestyle may be causing you more harm than good – physically & mentally.

Heard the expression ‘Sitting is the new smoking’?

Research shows just how potentially detrimental being sat down is, when practiced over years and decades and how this ties in with chronic lymph congestion and a long list of serious diseases.

The lymphatic system has been described as the detox ‘distribution network’ of your immune system, working tirelessly to fight viruses, bacteria, stealth pathogens, remove waste, and support energy.

Now more than ever you NEED a healthy immune system.

If your lymphatic system becomes clogged, toxins have nowhere to go. They get stored throughout your body, embedded in your tissues. 

This can lead to swelling, even chronic swelling, (Lymphoedema) is a worldwide pandemic with about 250 million people suffering from this condition.[1]https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5901432/

And here are just some of the long term consequences :

Total system dysregulation, Autoimmune disorders, Severe infections, Dementia, Mood disorders, Chronic diseases and even Cancer.

Because without the proper removal of waste and toxins, your body cannot heal and function normally.

Resources and energy are directed to dealing with the toxins. Little energy is left for your life.

You know when something is wrong within your body, you can feel that things are not the way they are supposed to be.

So you start questioning yourself,

“Why is this happening to me?” “Why now?”
“I could really do without this now..”

This pattern can trigger negative emotions and feelings.

You can start feeling angry, or upset, and it’s easy to get trapped in a vicious circle.

You tend to loose control, and it soon feel too late.

I have been through this, I know how this feels like.

You try to find solutions.

You may try exercise to create movement in the lymph, medical therapies, or books and courses on fitness, nutrition, mental health and many other topics.

But there’s a problem
(you may have already noticed it…)

These solutions treat only one aspect, for example fitness courses address only physical exercise and do not consider the ‘big picture’, and factors such as your environment, diet, hydration, etc.

So results are sketchy.

What is really needed is a holistic approach to produce a transformation from the ground up.

Often, a doctor may advocate prescription drugs to treat symptoms, when long-term lifestyle changes are really needed to treat the underlying cause.

There is no magic pill to take or radical diet to change, and so there’s no billion-dollar industry growing up around this issue.

And yet, it’s very possibly ruining your health – and possibly your life

Another example could be a nutritionist developing a diet plan for your health, leaving out other changes necessary to improve your wellbeing and vitality.

Unfortunately modern medicine has forgotten the lymphatic system. 

There isn’t even a test to measure lymph flow.

There is no quick fix to lymph. 

Even if health practitioners do fantastic work and can be beneficial, doctors treat symptoms – but ignore the root cause, including blocked lymph. 

Thus a vicious circle is born: 

  • treat the autoimmunity, but not the lymph congestion.
  • treat fatigue, but not the lymph congestion.
  • struggle with weight issues, but not the lymph congestion.
  • treat chronic pain, but not lymph congestion.

Fill in the blanks… but in the end, you struggle to truly feel better. 

Time and time again, these conventional solutions treat symptoms rather than causes, are unsustainable or offer incomplete solutions.

And worse, even the most tenacious person may give up if they never see any progress. 

The reality is when we try to pursue a healthy lifestyle we get confronted by so many obstacles.

Surveys show how in 85% of cases in the US and Europe, the main obstacles to pursuing a healthy lifestyle are:

This often brings you negativity and helplessness, and it’s very unproductive.

All of the stress and toxicity can pile up and can become chronic illness, autoimmune disease, anxiety.

This is exactly why I decided to create the HEED+ System

Because I have been through this and I know how it feels. 

When you try everything to get your health back, and each time you feel like hitting a wall.

I’ve never been one for self-limiting beliefs, giving up or saying, ‘This is just the way things are.’

I decided to do whatever it took to reclaim my health.

I started researching alternative solutions, which led me to holistic health.

What I loved about this approach is that it considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. 

It focuses on your wellness, and not just your illness or condition.

Because for me each person will have a different journey which is influenced by your age, gender, culture, heritage, language, faith, relationships, experiences, beliefs, etc.

So after spending years studying and experimenting this new approach, I finally found my way out of this vicious circle I was trapped in.

This changed my life.

Bit by bit I reclaimed my health. I started feeling energized, fit, and happy.

And although I didn’t realize it at the time it was the start of my true life-passion: health, fitness and wellness.

I made one of the biggest decisions of my life.

I left my job which was the trigger of my health issues.

And decided to dedicate my life to helping others who where looking to reclaim their health.

That’s when I created the HEED+ system.

This is unique in the world, it’s science-backed, inspired from the holistic approach and the French ‘art-de-vivre’ (culture).

The good news? This system provides you with everything you need to know to improve your health in only a few minutes a day

You’ll discover the best insights in the HEED which focuses on Hydration, Exercise, Environment, Diet.

And once you have the foundations, we will move on to some other things that you might like to think about after that.

When you join the HEED+ program you soon find JOY in creating new positive habits, and practicing becomes addictive and almost effortless.

And the knowledge that you’re doing something is EXCELLENT for your health.

A growing amount of evidence shows creating movement in your body is a POWERFUL force for your lymphatic health—that can BOOST your body’s natural HEALING mechanisms. 

What benefits can you expect?

Let's Start With Detoxification...

Treating the blocked lymph in your body will filter toxins and protect you against invaders by carrying waste from our tissue to the bloodstream.

Immune System

In fact, the lymphatic system is a detox distribution network of your immune system. 

When it’s healthy, it works continuously and tirelessly to fight each bacteria, virus, stealth pathogen, and removes waste. 

AND this activity boosts your body’s energy levels!

Beauty Benefits

And of course, if you remove toxins, keep your hydration levels high and generally improve flow in your body your skin benefits from it.

It can improve tone and texture, make it more elastic, reduce wrinkles and acne, improve stretch marks and cellulite.

Weight Loss

Research has shown that ‘intestinal lymph flow plays an important role in insulin secretion and glucose metabolism after meals.’[2]https://www.hilarispublisher.com/open-access/the-lymphatic-system-a-new-focus-on-its-role-in-metabolism-and-metabolic-disorders-2165-7831.1000127.pdf

So by getting to know your lymph system, and improving it, you can help eliminate cellulite and jumpstart your weight loss goals!

But that’s not all…

It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to prevent the benefits trickling down into all areas of your life.​​

Enjoy Exploring Key Practices to Promote Lymphatic Flow

HEED+ Program

18 Days
$ 197
  • 18 HEED+ Audio MP3’s + PDF Transcripts
  • Personalized Daily Email Support For 18 Days
  • 5 HEED+ videos PLUS Tabatha’s Exclusive & Personal videos
  • Bonus 1: Daily Action Checklist
  • Bonus 2: Personal Motivational Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus 3: Three Things I Did Last Winter To Boost My Metabolism
  • Bonus 4 : 22-Page Lymph eGuide by Dr. Hasan Akram
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Plus you have absolutely no risk with my 30 days 100% money back guarantee

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When You Join The HEED+ Program You Get All The Keys To Improve Your Health, Wellness and Happiness

Your Host
Tabatha Burrell

“What I LOVE about the HEED+, is that you can craft your own program depending on your own journey! You don’t get to do things you hate – like running a marathon, or starving yourself on veggies. :)

Implementing baby-steps each day can be a NEEDLE-MOVER for your health. I’ve encouraged hundreds of people to join us on this special trip. People tell me it blows their mind how these simple insights and habits have changed their life.

I truly believe this is not a cost, but the BEST investment you can do for your health. Don’t spend your health obtaining wealth, and then have to spend all your wealth trying to get your health back—like so many people I know are doing. Invest in your health as early as you can!”

— Tabatha Burrell
Founder Reclaim Your Health / The HEED+, Researcher, Educator

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Join The HEED+ Program - Get Daily Guidance Every Day For 18 days PLUS Full Personal Daily Email Support

The HEED+ is unique. 

Most health programs tell you to do ‘this and this’… , which rarely works because we are all different.

My program is different because my focus is on giving you the keys so you can craft your own program, and re-design your life.

So HEED+ is a tailor-made approach to health and wellness.

This is really a new form of empowerment.

And another big difference, is that I am there to help you every step of the way.

Every day for 18 days you get an email from me, and if you have questions just hit reply and I will reply to your questions (and I actually reply to questions you have beyond the 18 days, I really want this to work for you!).

This is your opportunity to take action now, to make a lasting transformation in your life

Because the more you wait, the harder it will be for you to change direction.

Our whole lives unfold in the present moment and the time to take action is right now.

There are two possible paths you can take: 

  • one leads to pain and the same situation you’re currently living with
  • or you can choose the other path to reclaim the vibrant healthy life that is rightfully yours. 

Imagine what your life could be like If you were enjoying each minute of it, doing more things for you, which will also benefit others around you, and feeling mentally and physically strong.

Is The HEED+ Program Worth the Money?

Joining The HEED+ program is an investment in your MIND and BODY health.

By choosing to be part of this journey today, you’ll have lifetime access to all the information shared in the HEED+.  

You are making the first step to transform your present and futur life.

 And most of all… 

By following this program step-by-step you’ll be supporting your lymph flow, to PREVENT many health challenges, so you won’t have to pay costly health-care bills later.

Margot S.

"...truly transformative ... highly recommend you sign up with Tabatha!"

“I’m so glad I found Tabatha and her course, which is truly transformative! She’s a fantastic teacher and I love how the material is continually broken up into digestible “golden nuggets”. The daily insights are easy to do, even on a busy schedule, and Tabatha shares her positive energy, guides us through movement, and does a great job to keep you motivated until you reach your goal. I feel a lot more balanced and confident and highly recommend you take the first opportunity to sign up with Tabatha!”

Margie K.

"… worthwhile for all who can use a gentle reminder to reclaim their health."

“Tabatha is filled with passion and energy, and a purpose driven genuine desire to share her insights and practices with the world.  The course content and delivery was simple, essential, and consumable. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every day of the 18 day program, whether learning a new tip or technique or re-enforcing preexisting concepts I had forgotten.  Extremely well done, and worthwhile for all who can use a gentle reminder to reclaim their health.”

Julie V. I.

"… I am already loving your HEED + program"

“Tabatha you are doing a great job. Even though I have just started I am already loving your HEED + program!

Remember, we only get one life

Don’t waste it, let’s seize the moment and start this journey together right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

You may start to see (and feel!) small improvements as early as the first week of the course. That said, for most people the more meaningful rewards begin to establish themselves around 3-6 weeks and beyond. This is because the HEED+ program is based on making small, incremental and sustainable changes in your overall lifestyle to get substantial and lasting results for the long term. The more you embrace this and the holistic philosophy of HEED+ (rather than focusing on short-term ‘quick fixes’), the more likely you’ll accelerate the onset of positive benefits for both your lymphatic and general health.

Once you have joined the program, you will then receive a confirmation by email, and receive your first email as a member. From that point, your health journey begins. And you can ask me questions at any time, I am here to guide you step-by-step on your health journey.

Yes, absolutely – you can start whenever you like and go at your own pace. Once you have registered and are part of the HEED+ community, you can follow this program at your own rhythm. All you have to do is save the emails you receive so you can get back to them when you want.

I get this… I really do. In fact, this is why so many people fail with lifestyle changes, because they take on what is ultimately unsustainable. One example is to think about all the people who join the gym on New Year Resolutions but are back on the couch by Easter! This is why, whatever your starting point, small incremental changes are the key to making lasting improvements in your health – a philosophy that’s built into the foundation of HEED+. So rest assured wherever you are now (or wherever you think you are) starting your journey and using HEED+ can be an exciting and elevating progressive experience without the fear of radical lifestyle change.

HEED are the capital letters of Hydration, Exercise, Environment, Diet. These are the foundation elements to improve your lymphatic health. The “+” are all the other elements which will come to support and bring balance into your life such as your sleep, stress, relationships, happiness, and much more. 

Most health programs tell you to do ‘this and this’… , which rarely works because we are all different. This program is different because my focus is on giving you the keys so you can craft your own program, and re-design your life. So HEED+ is a tailor-made approach to health and wellness. This is really a new form of empowerment. Another big difference is that I am there to help you every step of the way. Every day for 18 days you get an email from me, and if you have questions just hit reply and I will reply to your questions (and I actually reply to questions you have beyond the 18 days, I really want this to work for you!).

Absolutely not. I’ll give you all the keys to get the best results. So depending on your needs, you make the decisions and craft your own program. That’s the beauty of HEED+, it really is tailor-made (plus you get the personalized daily support)

I’m sharing with you daily insights, routines and tips, and the advantage of that is that it’s very doable. It’s stuff that you can do very quickly, that you can incorporate into your daily life without having to take time out or make a huge effort. So you don’t have to worry about not keeping up. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity – these seemingly small incremental changes can produce a big transformation in your life. Join And See For Yourself!

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For this limited-time promotion, you can get this program with $100 off the price.

This is a great deal – a high quality program packed with personal email support every day for 18 days.

Reclaim Your Health supports your life, health, wellness and vitality.

Any Questions? 

Email support@tabathaburrell.com


1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5901432/
2 https://www.hilarispublisher.com/open-access/the-lymphatic-system-a-new-focus-on-its-role-in-metabolism-and-metabolic-disorders-2165-7831.1000127.pdf